1963 rambler station wagon

1963 rambler station wagon

Thanks to Ikey Heyman for the find! The designation means that this is the fanciest version of the Classic available in Motivating force—enough to take you all the way to 12if this very excited-looking speedometer is any indication which it surely is not —comes from a cubic inch inline six mated to a three-on-the-tree manual.

As in any car of the era, the odometer only shows five digits, so take the low mileage reading with that grain of salt, but I feel that the overall condition supports the claim well. Something that needs no forgiveness is the obvious care this lucky Rambler has received. I hope you all give your cars this much love!

That 6 had a few eccentricities, from the its glass-bowled fuel pump to heads that needed constant retorqueing, but I loved my cross-country. From making Ramblers to a … ugh! Oh how the mighty have fallen. At one time Pops had 3 s Ramblers, a 62 American, and 2 of this generation. The body plant in Milwaukee on E. Capitol Dr. As kids, we used to ride our bikes down to the plant and watch the transport trucks carry the 6 or 8 finished bodies, depending on the model, to the engine plant in Kenosha for final assembly.

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The colors were beautiful. A truck went by every 5 minutes. As far as I can remember seat belts did not come standard on these cars until the federal mandate, though the mounting plates were there for installation. This was an era where most people just did not want to wear seat belts.

Nash was the first domestic to offer seat belts in but they were an option. Few people took them up on it. What was standard ahead of being required is a tandem master cylinder which AMC installed in all of their cars starting in The requirement did not come along until Body engineering on these was very advanced for the time.

AMC also made a stab at producing aluminum six-cylinder engines based on the The dash is pretty funky looking but note that all major controls are within easy reach of the driver. Bear in mind 1st gear is not synchronized.

Unacceptable to the ladies of the s southeast. Love everything about this car…except the price…should be about half of what they are asking…twice the doors, half the price…. I find it funny that most old car guys hate 4 doors, but how many of them have modern daily drivers that are 4 door? Something about this top of the line Rambler in a dark color makes it look elegant even with extra doors.

TrueCar guys do not buy a four-door car the reason most of them drive four doors now is because very few two doors are made.

My folks bought a Classic for me to go to jr col, part time job and out with friends. Blue like this top with white top Sharp car. Ran well Filled my bill.

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I really miss that car. But, I agree that the price is almost twice what I would pay. I like it. I am kind of surprised it only has the six and not thebeing the fanciest model that year.

1963 rambler station wagon

And a three on the tree? Guess the original owner was pretty frugal.They traveled in a phone booth remember those? According to the advertisement on ClassicCars. The engine does not have any leaks. Just had it tuned up. The fuel pump and fuel filter are only a few months old. The transmission does have a small fluid leak but it still runs and shifts fine. I had the seat belts installed a couple of years ago.

No headrests so you can actually see everything when you look around.

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All of the glass is in great condition, no cracks. The doors open and close fine. The rear cargo door opens and closes fine as well. All of the locks work. The sound quality is really good from the speakers in the back. A good twenty-footer car! Most of the paint is still in good condition with a few small chips.

The roof has lost its shine though.

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As you can see from the pictures, the body is very straight on all sides. It does have a little rust behind the right rear wheel well. The rest of the car is solid though. The previous owner did a lot of work to the wagon and kept all of the service records. To view this listing on ClassicCars. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Spotlight Pick of the Day. All rights reserved.It was the name given to an intermediate-sized automobile that was built and sold by AMC American Motors Corporation from through Upon its initial introduction, the Rambler featured six-passenger four-door sedan and station wagon versions.

Classic Car Liquidators is offering up this beautiful classic car in Sherman, Texas. This Rambler wagon features a stunning gold exterior that matches up well with the custom gold interior. It has 3. It is also equipped with Moser Engineering third members and axles for improved ride quality. Under the hood sits an aluminum radiator with an electric-powered fan.

This Cross Country beauty is powered by a 5. Power is sent to the wheels via a 4L60E automatic transmission with overdrive. This model features manual steering with manual brakes and a manual tailgate window.

1963 rambler station wagon

Out back, the wagon sports a dual exhaust and an aesthetically-pleasing roof rack to hold additional cargo. The third-gen Rambler wagons incorporated a slew of engineering solutions and innovations. This process replaced 52 separate parts, simultaneously reducing both weight and assembly costs. It also improved the structural rigidity of the vehicle and allowed for better door fitment overall. This two-door wagon has been completely checked out and runs well.

There may be 70, original miles on it, but this classic has a whole life ahead of it. Place your bids now, or forever hold your peace. Search News Search web. Coronavirus Live updates tracking the pandemic. Michelle Marus. What to Read Next. Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo News.This original long roof is located in Paoli, Indiana and it can be found here on Craigslist.

Entry Level Beauty: 1963 Rambler 550

Thanks to Rocco B. What a nice, solid-looking car. This car is a which was the bottom of the line, trim-wise, but still a nice car. They were basically fleet spec, as in enough to get by but nothing overboard — classic Rambler philosophy. There are no heated and cooled cupholders on this baby! Next in line would be the and finally, the top of the line was the She looks good, no?

1963 AMC Rambler Classic 550 Cross Country Station Wagon

This reminds me that I need a carport, too. My wish list is getting longer every day. These were the first really new cars in eight years for AMC. Along with the Rambler American, which was also revised in a more streamlined, svelt, modern design, the Classics were quite a departure for the company.

1963 Rambler Classic Cross Country 660 wagon

The interior looks good in the two photos that they have provided but there are no photos of the back seat or cargo area at all, bummer. Have any of you owned a Rambler Classic wagon or any Rambler wagon? Or, a car with a column-shifted manual transmission? I owned the near-twin of this car, Classic wagon. Mine had the Pretty much the same color. It will scoot along pretty well with manual trans.

The Borg-Warner automatic used by AMC at the time was inefficient, very noticeable difference in performance. The later six worked a lot better with the automatic.

The usual Ramblerisms apply — trunnion upper front suspension, vacuum wipers most likelycheck carefully for rust underneath.The Classic took the place of the Rambler Six and Rambler Rebel V-8 names, which were retired at the end of the model year. Introduced a six-passenger four-door sedan and station wagon versions, additional body styles were added. Two-door models became available as a " post " sedan in as well as a sporty pillar-less hardtop.

A convertible was also available for and Throughout its life in the AMC model line-up, the Classic was the high-volume seller for the independent automaker.

American Motors designed and built some of the most fuel-efficient, best-styled and well-made cars of the s and s. Inthe Rambler marque ranked in third place among domestic automobile sales.

1963 rambler station wagon

Ramblers were available in two sizes and built on different automobile platforms. The larger-sized Rambler series was based on a design and was renamed as the Classic for the model year to help create a stronger individual identity and contrast from the smaller Rambler American line. American Motors' Edmund E.

The Classic featured a new front end with a one-piece, rectangular extruded-aluminum grille, new fenders, hood, sculptured door panels, and side trim, as well as one-piece bumpers. Models included the Deluxethe Superand the Custom featuring bucket seats in a four-door sedan.

Inthe Classic was available in either an I6 - American Motors "defied the detractors" with its emphasis on economical and compact-sized cars achieving a sales total ofvehicles in"lifting the Rambler to an unprecedented third place in the charts behind Chevrolet and Ford". For the model year, the Super models were dropped and replaced by a model.

The two-door sedan bodystyle Rambler Classic was a unique one year offering for The front grille was modified forbut the free-standing Rambler lettering in the lower center remained. The revised rear end received new round tail lamps, while the previous tailfins were "shaved off". Starting inAMC took a leadership role with safer brake systems in all Ramblers featuring twin-circuit brakesa design offered by only a few cars at that time. The cast-iron block six-cylinder engine was standard on Deluxe and Custom models with the aluminum version optional.

The received the aluminum block, but the cast-iron was a no cost option. The popularity of the compact-sized Classic continued in the face of a dozen new competitors. Flaws included inadequate power and poor workmanship. American Motors highlighted the Rambler Centaur at the Chicago Auto Show on a raised platform in the center of automaker's exhibit area.

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For the model year, the Rambler Classic line was completely redesigned with subtle body sculpturing. Outgoing design director, Edmund E.After a hiatus of several years, American Motors once again offered a pillarless 2-door coupe version of its basic Rambler for There also was […]. You have to be interested when the advertisement for a vehicle on ClassicCars. The s. It is fun to watch, not only for the cars and the girls who are grandmas nowbut for the period narration by then local newscaster Tom Brookshier of TV 10 — which cracked me up […].

Giulietta Spiders have always been the cars I bought, probably because it always seemed that the Sprint was harder to find. By the time I really started to look for a Giulietta Sprint, times had changed and they were […].

Ordering stuff online has become a go-to activity for car people cooped up at home by pandemic fears. Yesterday, we saw how he broke the mph mark on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, but wound up crashing his car at the end after the parachute failed. In this film, Breedlove returns […].

Classifieds for to AMC Rambler. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 1. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Please visit www. Check out this This is This is a running driving car. We have taken this thing everywhere. Factory A New paint runs good. Refine Search. Mundane station wagon transformed into V8-powered, wildly fender-flared autocrossing monster.

Interested In Other Items? Sign up for our daily newsletter Click Here. Get our app. Information Help Center. About ClassicCars. Contact Us. Business Advertisers. The Journal. Privacy Policy. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This prestigious accolade represents the continued growth of the company, and ClassicCars.I was in college in the mids when something improbable happened.

Right aroundit was as if a rheostat had been turned exactly one hundred eighty degrees. The script had been completely flipped, and at that point, it seemed like anything that had previously been considered hopelessly square was now considered the best thing, ever. With that, allow me to present our featured car. They remind me a little bit of myself as a dorky middle school student, trying so very hard to be cool by emulating my stylish, older brother who was, by then, a college man.

Optional V8 power: check. I digress. Skaters were another subset of kids I had gone to high school with that I had thought were eminently cool. New unibody construction tightened up its superstructure, and also saved about pounds across the entire range. A V8 option was new that year, which was a debored version of the used in the top-line Ambassador. So equipped, these cars could accelerate reasonably well, able to do mph in about ten seconds.

Did all of these noteworthy things finally make the economy-minded Rambler brand cool? Competence and excellence often do not necessarily translate to fashionability. Simply by being itself, this Classic Cross Country wagon won out in the end, hopefully with many more chapters in its existence still to be written.

Click here and here for related reading. I owned a lot of VWs. Thrift, reliability, smallness, even anti-corporate hippie nonsense. AMC was a much smaller and nicer corporation than VW. GM owned most of the automotive conversation, including the muscle-car end of Cool. At that time VW owned the hip end of Cool, for no good reason. On the Rambler, this results in a slight dip in the wagon roofline at the C-pillar.

A great analogy. Had the white continued throughout, I may not be able to make the same statement. And the Lava soap green used by AMC on some of these was harsh.

1963 rambler station wagon

What if AMC had been able to re channel its efforts from trying to outmaneuver GM to making significantly new product across the board? The list could go on. But it is what it is. And this Rambler wagon has certainly proven itself of being able to brighten up the rainy day from when Joe found it. When well-equipped these are roomy, comfortable cars with good gas mileage. The look is almost like Mercedes of the time.

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Under that sophisticated for the time unit body and clean design there is still a lot of Nash-era technology though. Trunnions in the upper front suspension, torque-tube rear, OHV six derived from an old Nash flathead, and of course vacuum windshield wipers. Drive one of these with the Interestingly when these wagons were equipped with a third-row seat in the back there was no spare tire because there was no room for one.

Run-flat tires were original equipment in that case. Unfortunately Abernethy torpedoed that plan and AMC started bleeding tooling dollars the company could ill afford. In hindsight a luxury compact this size with updated underpinnings would have probably sold well during gas crisis times.

Forsales of the Classic and Ambassador dropped by a fair amount, despite the addition of a handsome two-door hardtop and a booming market. The problem was that GM had invaded the segment with its all-new A-bodies, which were spread across four divisions. ByGM, Ford and Chrysler were each offering a full line of intermediates, and giving them major face lifts at least every two years.

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