Naruto blazing awakening guide

Naruto blazing awakening guide

Awaken is the most important thing to power up a character. Once the character reaches its max level, it can be awakened to increase the star level and stats. Additionally, some of the characters acquire secret techniques, which are special moves requiring more chakra than Ninjutsu, as being awakened. Awakening requires specific awakening materials by characters.

It also costs Ryo, which was a currency of Japan in the past. A player can earn Ryo by succeeding missions and as reward for deceiving conditions during missions. Naruto Blazing Awaken. Content Awaken This page notes what is awaken and how to awaken a character in the newly released Naruto app: Ultimate Ninja Blazing.

Table of contents What is awaken? What are needed to awaken? Increases characters' star level.


Hot New Top. Izanami Reply. Pain Reply. Anonymous Reply. If you don't see an empty star next to the 5 stars you see, you cannot awaken him. Certain characters stay at 5 stars. Also, Most of my maxed 5 star cards are unclickable when i want to awaken them, can someone tell me why?

And, some of my cards r at maxed level but it doesn't say max on them, anyone knows why is that? Naruto fan Reply. Red Reply. Will the ability reset or am I safe to enhance? Guy Reply.Sign In Don't have an account?

naruto blazing awakening guide

Start a Wiki. Naruto Uzumaki "The Worst Loser". Sasuke Uchiha "A Lone Heart".

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Sakura Haruno "The Indomitable Maiden". Kakashi Hatake "The Best Teacher". Shikamaru Nara "Lucid Talent".

Blazing Awakening Explained! Overview + Opinions! - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ino Yamanaka "Ever-Changing Movements". Choji Akimichi "Insatiable Appetite".

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Hinata Hyuga "Loyal Emotions". Kiba Inuzuka "Sharp Claws and Fangs". Shino Aburame "Unflinching Heart". Iruka Umino "Sympathizer". Taiseki "Masterful Camouflage". Mahiru "Superior Swordsmanship". Ebisu "An Elite Teacher". Genma Shiranui "Always Aimless". Raido Namiashi "An Indomitable Spirit". Izumo Kamizuki "The Calm Proctor". Kotetsu Hagane "The Deceptive Proctor". Yoroi Akado "Heretical Abilities".

Misumi Tsurugi "degree Movement". Zaku Abumi "The Confident One". Kin Tsuchi "Brimming with Jealousy". Kagari "Sensor of the Trinity". Mubi "Phantom of the Trinity".

Oboro "Warrior of the Trinity". Yashamaru "All for his Late Sister". Gozu "Poisonous Right Arm". Meizu "Poisonous Left Arm". Naruto Uzumaki "No. Sasuke Uchiha "Lone Survivor". Kakashi Hatake "Copier of 1K Techniques". Gaara "Sand Defense".

Sakura Haruno "Maiden in Love". Shikamaru Nara "Lazy Guy". Ino Yamanaka "Truly Wise". Choji Akimichi "Glutton". Hinata Hyuga "Nice Girl".Believe it! Covering everything you need to know! Each stage will consist of 3 waves. So take over for the boss fight and micro manage your team. By time you reach the boss wave, you will have full Chakra bars across all 6 characters.

Rotate through all of your Ninjutsu techniques first, swapping as you need for Elemental damage boost or for AOE damage if there is a group stacked up. When you set up your team there are two rows, the front and back row. The front row will be the characters on the field at the start of a level. The buddy skills only work with each row they are linked to as outlined below.

Field Skills differ from Buddy Skills by the aspect of being usable by the entire team. They also use field skills, for an example- If you stack up your team onto an enemy who can counter as a field skill, every one gets hit. This also applies to Ninjutsu techniques. Positioning is VERY important. Use the circle as a guideline indication for your Field Skills and the enemies. It is possible to maximize your bonuses and be far enough out of range of an enemy to decrease their field skill.

This is also help during a boss fight, where the boss has a high damage AOE. During combat you will see items on the ground, this requires you to move a character over them to pick them up if you need it to survive.

For the most part you can over look these, but occasionally a timely move to a health potion or chakra potion positioned by an enemy will not only save you but allow you to combo damage onto the enemy as well. For bosses you will find their element listed to the top left, next to their name and not on the character itself. This is the layout of each element and its effectiveness or non-effectiveness to the other elements.

Read your guide, very helpful! I do have a question about something- the items you can get from the game: those pills in bottles, and the ramens you can get, there are many different kinds, what do I do with them? I noticed there are different kinds, like some would say health boost, some attack boost, skill etc…do they actually add these stats to character I enhance them with?

Yep, they add those stats to the character you use them on. You should see it in next to your character when enhancing them. Why am not gettingpresens in the game. Screenshot or save your data transfer code. Then uninstall the game.

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Do a fresh download. Fill in your transfer code in data transfer tab in title menu. I have a 5 star Rock Lee that I am trying to upgrade 2 a 6 star but need his 6 star weights where do I find these.September 05, When you first start in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing, you just want to jump, straight into the action. Here we will give you the so you don't have to waste time on long, boring tutorials and manuals.

Previews of the game before it was released overseas. Is interesting to see the differences and what others thought about the game. The Beginner's guide Your Ninja Team:.

Your unit can consist of up to 5 of your own characters, with one slot available to use a ninja from your friend list. Your team has a cost and it cannot exceed that cost.

naruto blazing awakening guide

Each card has a cost number. The rarer the cards the higher the cost. Each time you level up your limit cost will go up allowing you to put more expensive ninjas in your team.

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Story Mode:. If you are a fan of Naruto, and I'm sure you all are, the story will be the same from the anime and manga. As like in the anime, you start off in Konoha in Stage 1 reading about how Naruto was the bad kid.

As you defeat levels in each stage, the story keeps going. There is Normal Story mode and there is Hard Story mode. It is the same story but provides more of a challenge to those who want to test out their current skills. Emergency Mission Mode:. In the Emergency Mission mode, you are able to play the current event or farm ramen and scrolls of a certain color.

Each day you are able to farm ramen and scrolls of a certain color. Phantom Castle Mode:. Phantom Castle mode puts you in a 1 round 3vs3 battle.

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You get ramen pills and pearls for winning.Danzo Shimura Awakened Embodiment of Darkness. Kaguya Otsutsuki Awakened Plot for Rebirth. Hashirama Senju Awakened Pursuit of a Dream. Neji Hyuaga Awakened Freedom of Choice.

Yamato Guruguru Unmalicious Murderous Intent. Orochimaru Blazing Awakened Endless Rebirth. Kushina Uzumaki Fist of Hidden Embarrassment.

Obito Uchiha Awakened Wrapped in Mysteries. Naruto Uzumaki Taboo-Breaking Frustration. Hinata Hyuga Awakened Beyond the Ceaseless.

Hiruzen Sarutobi Looking into the Future. Madara Uchiha Awakened Solitary Devastation. Obito Uchiha Awakened State of Carnage. Tobirama Senju Awakened Judicious Master. Kaguya Otsutsuki Between Love and Madness. Madara Uchiha Phantasy's Beckoning Light.

NARUTO: Blazing - How to Awaken Zabuza, Rock Lee, and Gaara

Minato Namikaze Awakened Dazzling Bravery. Kurotsuchi Young Philanthropist of the Stone. Kakashi Hatake Awakened Unshakeable Calm. Pain Tendo Awakened War of Revolution. Hagoromo Otsutsuki Sage of the Six Paths.

Mangetsu Hozuki Wielder of the Seven Swords. Choji Akimichi Awakened Fluttering Butterfly. Shikamaru Nara Awakened Crucial Decision. Fuguki Suikazan Darkness of the Blood Mist. Sakura Haruno Awakened Unwavering Feelings. Jinpachi Munashi Volatile Explosive Blade. Zabuza Momochi Awakened Demonic Presence. Minato Namikaze Flash of the Battlefield.

Kurotsuchi The Fence-Sitter's Granddaughter. Hinata Hyuga Unwavering Courage [Awakened]. Kisame Hoshigaki Swordsman of the Raging Waves.It uses a unique turn-based and movement strategic battle system.

It also has plenty of characters you know from the series, even some you couldn't play in the console games, as well as the original story. There is a lot to learn about playing this game and doing the best you can, so I'm going to help by explaining everything you need to know.

Battles in Ultimate Ninja Blazing are turn-based, but you can use your turn to move around the board, switch characters, or use special attacks called Jutsu. If you move within in range of the enemy, you will attack them. Every time your character's turn comes up, part of their chakra gauge is filled.

When it is maxed, they can perform a Ninjutsu. Some character can use powerful skills called Secret Techniques that work like Ninjutsu, but are much stronger. They must save up more chakra to perform these.

You can tell it is ready when the color of the chakra gauge changes. To perform a secret technique, you must double-tap your character's portrait when they are ready, then move them just like when you use Ninjutsu.

Each character can have 1 of 5 different elemental affinities. Each of these elemental affinities has another that it is strong or weak against. If your character is strong against the enemy, you deal more damage and take less damage from them.

If you are weak to the enemy, you deal less damage, and take more from them. Each character has a Field Skill and Buddy Skill. These are skills that affect the area around a character when they are on the field. The 3rd front row slot is reserved for a friend character that you can pick every battle. The benefits of each buddy skill only works for the character they are linked to. You can switch the placement before battle, but not after it's started. Missions come in 2 types: Story and Emergency.

Story Missions are always there and completing them unlocks more. Emergency Missions are only there for a limited time and it lets you get characters and items you would not get in Story Missions.

You can also do each of these missions in multiplayer with other players. When playing with other players, there will be 2 others.

naruto blazing awakening guide

Each player controls 1 front and back row character, so put the ones you want in your first slot. You can enhance, or level, your character by selecting Enhance from the team menu.Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing is like other Bandai Namco anime titles and a lot of mobile games in general, to be fair in that you can spend in-game currency to get more characters. The friend summons have their purposes, mostly for producing fodder to level up the ninjas you actually want to use.

While it can be tempting to rush over there as soon as you have five Ninja Pearls, you really want to wait until you have enough for a multi-summon, because your chances of getting a four- or five-star ninja seem better that way. How do you get more Ninja Pearls? Simply grinding out story chapters gives you five Ninja Pearls each time you clear one. And logging in each day can get you more, especially if you rack up consecutive streaks of days played. You can turn your three-star ninjas into four-star varieties, as well as four into five, and so on.

That will bring up your current roster of characters, highlighting all the ones eligible to be tiered up. Note that Awakened characters start all over at level 1, though they gain extra abilities and higher stat caps in return. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to GameZebo. Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats Anime.

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